Finding free textures should not be a scavenger hunt!
What is

Tired of looking for textures and pbr materials on half a dozen websites in separate tabs? allows you to search through the libaries of multiple free texture sites like, and at once. Just look up whatever you need here and quickly get redirected to the creator's website.

How can I join with my website?

Right now sites can only join via invitation by me, but this will likely change in the future. So stay tuned if you want to get listed with your website.

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CC0 Textures by StruffelProductions / 539 Assets
(Latest release: 2019-05-26)
3D TEXTURES / 456 Assets
(Latest release: 2019-05-24) / 378 Assets
(Latest release: 2019-05-01)
ShareTextures / 331 Assets
(Latest release: 2019-05-25)
HDRI Haven / 299 Assets
(Latest release: 2019-05-24)
Texture Haven / 118 Assets
(Latest release: 2019-05-17)
Linolafett / 20 Assets
(Latest release: 2014-02-17)
SojanJanso / 10 Assets
(Latest release: 2017-04-09)
Monstreh / 3 Assets
(Latest release: 2019-05-16)
Coming Soon
Texture Ninja / 0 Assets